001 | [ch]el dorado, queen of cities - ota

Chel hated days when her bus came early. She'd managed to catch it, at least, that day. But still. School wasn't starting for fifteen minutes, and she was just standing there in the hallway.

It was boring.

A homecoming dance poster caught her gaze, and she wondered if she should have campaigned or something for queen. Honestly, she wasn't sure if she was eligable for the position as a junior, but... Well, the amount of attention surrounding the title seemed nice. Well, there was always prom that year. She'd gotten herself a date to the junior prom last year, but it had meant going with a guy she hadn't really been all that into, and who had only looked to her because he couldn't get a date he knew or, you know, liked. But this year? It would be great. She'd be free to take whoever she wanted to, or even go solo if it struck her fancy, and she could really have fun with people she knew well.

"And who knows? Maybe I'll be queen then," she thought aloud.

001] just a shrimpy dork - ota

Lunch was not really Hogarth's favorite part of the school day. Like, ever. Sure, it was nice and all to get some time off between classes, but lunch was prime 'hey, there's that shrimpy kid with the weird name, let's get him!' time, and as such, the freshman always found himself wondering if maybe his time would be better spent elsewhere.

But still, here he was, lunch tray in hand, standing in the middle of the busy cafeteria. He'd gotten off lucky today, in that he'd somehow managed to avoid any attempts to steal his lunch money, and so he actually got to look forward to eating the congealed, probably not actually earth food stuff they served here. Now came the other task: finding a place to sit.

This was a lot harder then one would have thought when you were actively avoiding certain kids who seemed to like nothing more then to harass you, and considering he was sort of short handed in the friend department at the moment, he was left with a limited number of options. Seeing no sign of Dean - the senior was probably in the art room or something - and knowing he'd be getting one heck of a lecture from his sister if she caught him with the smuggled Twinkies, he decided to outright avoid looking for her. Best not tempt fate and all that.

So, with a soft, not quite frustrated sigh, he resigned himself to eating alone again, and sat down at the nearest empty table. But still, he figured as he pulled out the smuggled snacks and a couple comic books, there were probably worse ways to spend lunch the period.

001] got rhytm in my feet - ota

Danny was not like most other kids. He didn't wake up in the morning and dread coming in to school and going to classes and all of that mundane stuff. In fact, he actually looked forward to it. Sure, school wasn't Hollywood and he wasn't making movies or anything, but he liked hanging out with his classmates and getting to know people. He still felt like the new kid even almost three months in, so he was more than happy to run around introducing himself to everyone he hadn't already met.

At the moment, he was dancing down the hallway. Literally, dancing. It wasn't really noticeable unless one was really paying attention to the way he was moving, but he was definitely moving in time to the tune he was humming under his breath. Somewhat unfortunately, when Danny was in one of these moods, he wasn't always super aware of where he was going, and as such, he suddenly found himself bumping into something very solid and definitely, well, alive.

He smiled sheepishly and managed an equally apologetic chuckle.

"Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry. Guess I should have been looking where I was going, huh?"